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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tommie's Deli & Sandwiches - Livermore, CA

Tommie's Deli & Sandwiches
2152 Second St.
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 456-3354

Tommie's Deli & Sandwiches is located in an old brick building on Second Street behind the Livermore Chamber of Commerce. They have a nicely designed website, a very cool exterior facade and a welcoming interior. However, Tommie's popular "Choke & Chicken Sandwich" was one of the worst chicken sandwiches I've ever had! I would have called it "Choke On The Chicken Sandwich" instead. Seriously.

It's really too bad because Tommie's Deli in Livermore has great-tasting meat; we even sampled a little of their deli-sliced chicken and it was delicious. However, their sourdough bread was simply awful...it was super dry and crumbly and very thickly sliced, so the sandwich really didn't stand a chance with it. I basically had a mouthful of dry bread and a little taste of chicken, a couple of sundried tomatoes, but almost no artichoke flavor at all. I ditched the bread and just ate the meat, but that was the last $7.00 I would spend on a Tommie's Deli sandwich.

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