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Friday, August 21, 2009

Golden Dragon Buffet - Brentwood, CA

Golden Dragon Buffet
6281 Lone Tree Way
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-9858

Golden Dragon Buffet offers a $7.99 lunch, Monday to Saturday from 11am - 4pm. We ate here for the first time and being a buffet, it was good to see that it was busy! They offer the typical items that a Chinese buffet offers: Chinese, Sushi, Seafood, Mongolian BBQ, fried food, salad bar, fruit bar, dessert bar and so on.

I discovered the most delightful dessert there...Tapioca Taro! It's actually a soup and I know it sounds odd, it even looks odd (check out my pic at the bottom of this post)...but it was SOOOOOO good that I kept going back for more, despite being a hot summer day. :)

I also liked their Sake (Salmon) Nigiri - which I made "sashimi" because I didn't eat the rice. The green beans in their Chinese food section were spectacular, the Chow Fun and General Chicken were good and the Chicken w/Broccoli and Chili Chicken were so-so. The sushi rolls weren't that great, but it's what you would expect from a buffet, anyway. The salmon was surprisingly moist, but it didn't have much flavor. The crab salad (from the salad bar) was awful.

Golden Dragon Buffet is MUCH better than the two Chinese buffets in Livermore and I definitely plan on returning for more of that Tapioca Taro soup! :)

Sushi, Salmon and Crab Salad

Chinese Food & Fish

Tapioca Taro

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  1. You did a great job of describing this restaurant what with the pictures and all. At first, it looked like your review was just an advertisement for the restaurant but pointing the positive and negative made your review credible. I would eat at this restaurant based upon your review but I would know what to expect. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment, phonlaw! I appreciate your feedback and although I do have a few reviews that are 100% positive AND genuine, this one for Golden Dragon is not one of them.

    Quite honestly, I would pay $7.99 if all I ate was their tapioca taro soup! ;)

  3. Our family and my daughter with 5 kids who are Thai all go and we 100% believe its the best. My daughter travels from Patterson and she has been to all the buffets Fremont, Livermore and Brentwood. Its Great.