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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coconut Grove - Milpitas, CA

Coconut Grove
129 Great Mall Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 263-1882

Coconut Grove is located next to Century Theatres at the Great Mall in Milpitas and they serve Malaysian, Singaporean and Thai cuisine. Neither one of us has ever tried Malaysian food before, so I randomly selected a variety of menu items and hoped for the best!

Here is my review on each item we ordered at Coconut Grove in Milpitas, along with their menu description:

A.B.C. Ais Batu Campur $3.49
Shaved ice, sweet coconut milk, red bean, sweet corn, rice crispies and jellies
I absolutely LOVED this beverage! Just think of it as a version of halo-halo or boba tea with lots of goodies...but Coconut Grove's ABC is much better!

Roti Parada $2.99 ($1 on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm)
The famous "flying bread" hand tossed and grilled with our house dipping sauce (red curry)
We both weren't sure what to expect from the "flying bread" description, but thankfully it didn't fly away. Coconut Grove's Roti Parada was so good, I would have chased it down if it did! :)

Coconut Milk Rice $2.49
This is the perfect accompaniment to a Malaysian meal...it's SO delicious!

Red Curry Chicken $9.99
Sliced chicken breast, tofu and freshly selected veggies cooked in mild Malay curry with a hint of coconut milk
We really enjoyed the Malay curry in this dish (after dipping the Roti appetizer in the same curry) but the chicken breast itself was a bit bland. Perhaps it needed to be in order not to compete with the curry flavor? This was a very tasty dish, but I wouldn't hesitate to try something else at Coconut Grove next time.

Penang Sizzling Scallops $16.99
Scallops cooked in a creamy coconut milk sauce with bell pepper and a hint of sambal belachan chili
This is what I would call Coconut Grove's Signature Dish! The scallops came out sizzling (just like it said) and the sauce was one of the best flavors I've ever tasted...the entire dish (scallops, sauce, bell pepper and onions) was magnificently yummylicious!

F.B.I. Fried Bananas & Ice Cream $6.99
Fried Bananas and Fried Ice Cream topped with Hersey's Chocolate syrup and whipped cream
At this point, we were no longer hungry but since everything we had at Coconut Grove so far was fantastic, we decided to try their dessert. This was recommended by our server and we both thought this was an excellent way to end our meal!

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