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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery - Danville, CA

Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery
340 Hartz Ave.
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 838-8800

Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery is located on Hartz Avenue in downtown Danville, just south of Diablo Road and north of Starbucks Coffee. It's a nice spot to have breakfast, lunch or dinner (Fri-Sat only) and dine al fresco in the heart of downtown Danville. Service is wonderful and the food (lunch) is just slightly above average...I honestly expected better from Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery. The dishes themselves were creative and they have a great menu, but execution is what they lacked.

My Chicken Salad Half Sandwich ($4.95) had only two bites with apple and the soggy croissant had such a strong butter flavor that it overpowered the bland chicken salad. My Napa Valley "Mini" Spinach Salad ($6.95) was better, after I asked for the red seedless grapes that were missing. The Chicken Tortilla Soup ($4.95) was tasty (with a broth similar to menudo) and the Grilled Chicken Diablo ($8.95) was good, but the fries had a baked potato-like consistency on the inside, which was a bit odd.

If I were to visit Rising Loafer Cafe & Bakery in the future, I would most likely try their breakfast instead of having lunch again. Even their bread basket (which smelled really good) wasn't as great as anticipated...but if you're in downtown Danville, there's not a lot of selection of restaurants that serve breakfast.

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