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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In-N-Out Burger - San Ramon, CA

In-N-Out Burger
2270 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
San Ramon, CA 94583
(800) 786-1000

This is one of the busiest In-N-Out Burger locations within a 30-mile radius. It's located right off I-680 and Crow Canyon Road at San Ramon Valley Boulevard in San Ramon. Even during a mid-afternoon weekday around 3pm, the drive-thru line was 8+ cars deep and the dining room was 75% full. Apparently, there are more "off hour" In-N-Out Burger lovers in San Ramon than I thought!

The good thing about In-N-Out Burger is they have the highest level of consistency out of any fast food burger chain I've ever experienced. Really...I've been to In-N-Out Burger locations in Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Gilroy, Livermore, Pleasanton and even a couple in Southern California...and I've NEVER had a bad burger or experienced poor service anywhere! Always friendly, always fresh, always hot, always delicious. :)

The bad thing about In-N-Out Burger is that sometimes it's "not-so-fast" food. The lines in the drive-thru can be quite daunting, although when you walk inside to order, the food seems to take just as long because I have a feeling they expedite the drive-thru orders faster than walk-in orders.

My "usual" is the Double Double with cheese and grilled onions. I have tried their "Animal Style" burgers, which are fried with mustard and include pickles and grilled onions...but I prefer the regular ol' Double Double with cheese!

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