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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chevys Fresh Mex - Sacramento, CA

Chevys Fresh Mex
1369 Garden Hwy
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 649-0390

First of all, did you know that this Chevys is the ONLY one in the entire USA that does NOT have Happy Hour (M-F, 3-7) $3 Drinks & Appetizers? Management says it's because they have such a "desirable" location...hah!

Anyway, last summer my husband and I were on a motorcycle ride and decide to stop in and give this place a try. We sat in the cantina and waited patiently for some water (it was a HOT summer day!) for the first 8-10 minutes. No one even came to our table, so disgusted, I went to the bar myself and got two glasses of water (the bartender got them for me right away and apologized for the slow service).

We finished our waters and still no server...but she finally showed up 15 minutes later when we had already decided to leave...and we're NEVER coming back!

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  1. I was shocked that the neon yellow and orange table ads on every bar table proudly displaying happy hour m-f 3-7 1/2 price apps and $1 off house margs were missed. I was also told about happy hour by the host and cocktail server every time I go. There is also a giant sign when you walk in that tells about happy hour. But I will admit that they have a modified happy hour. Not the same discount on the margs as other Chevy's but they have a wider selection of apps to choose from for their happy hour. I wouldn't count them out. I would try them again because I have never had a bad meal there yet.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Travis! It's been a while since we walked out of this Chevys on the River, so I'm not sure what, if any, of their happy hour policies have changed...but we've had such great service from a few other Chevys locations that it's easy to stay away from this one. Waiting 20-25 minutes to be greeted pretty much puts any restaurant on my blacklist! :)